Trading despair for contentment – good deal!

The women at my church are discussing a series of books by Graham Cooke called the Way of the Warrior.  I highly recommend these books and have mentioned them before in my blog entries.  I am in the third workbook at the moment, Coming into Alignment.  To give you some background on the book this is the description from Graham’s website.

Breakthrough is the consequence of a life that contains focused intentionality. Alignment creates an intensified spiritual experience that provides momentum to press into God and take ground from the enemy. We are learning to work with God who schedules our conflicts so that we can practice the art of overcoming. It is vital that we do not blur our focus. Warriors have clear perceptions; great insight and a heightened level of intuition because they follow the path of continual Presence.

There are questions at the end of every chapter and I was reading the chapter about the power of emotions revealing what was going on inside us.  We are not to be ruled by our emotions, but rather to take all emotions to God and talk with Him about them.  He uses our emotions and He can align them with His truth.

The workbook asked, “What negative emotions are ruling you at this time?  What would the opposite of that feeling look and sound like?” Immediately I was aware of the panic and discouragement I was feeling from my current dental infection.  The discouragement was creeping into despair as I thought about not only the pain, but having faced these trials for several years.  I asked. “What would the opposite be?”   Immediately I thought – contentment.  All of a sudden I started realizing contentment was as accessible to me as despair.  It was like someone turned on a light. Wow!


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