Broken or perhaps breaking new ground?

I am a strong “feeler” and that can be frustrating at times.  I have a friend that listens to me with one ear to God’s heart and one ear to me and has pulled me through more than one crisis of confusion.

This last conversation I was telling her about the new opportunities that had opened ahead of me.  They feel too big for me.  I have a little hunch though that I should walk them through.  We laughed and agreed about all the times we have seen God start where we end.

Then she waited for several minutes and said to me, “you are breaking new ground.  Anytime you break new ground it is disorienting.  That was exactly it!  This is not familiar territory and I don’t know where to step, how fast to go or if I am facing the right direction.  Seeing it in that light I knew right away I have a stronghold I can run to.  I have a stronghold in God that has proved faithful time and time again.

So I write to you from my stronghold.  We are going to take the next steps together.

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