Hanging in Together

In the middle of the night I woke up with a throbbing swollen jaw.  Perhaps the root canal my dentist thought I may need has manifest. I am already running a fever as my cold has gone into my chest and I can’t lie down.  The thought of having to go on more antibiotics is disheartening.  I have been battling discouragement for weeks now as I have felt so worn out physically and it is pressing in on me emotionally too.  But I thought of each of you and how I am praying for you as you pray for me.  We can’t give up.  We have our children to think about.  The generation that is following and watching us, looking for hope and a reason to keep pressing on.  As I read the Scriptures about the lives of the early church, I am more convinced that there is a power, a strength within that we can live from.

Jesus often told His disciples to be of good courage, to be of good cheer.  When Paul was facing great danger as we read in Acts 23:11, The Lord appeared to him and told him to have courage.  The word used there actually means be of good cheer.  We also see the same word used in John 16:33 where Jesus talks about giving us His peace and to take heart for He has overcome the world.  Knowing the meaning of the Greek word used, it is amazing how God can put peace, courage and cheer all in the same verse!  There is something for us to grasp and make our own.

So it is worth it my friends, to stick together and let what God says about our lives shape our thoughts.  Sometimes I hesitate to shout this message.  I don’t want to keep being tested.  But when I think about it, we are go through trials so I am happy to go through what I can to help anyone else forge ahead and not quit.

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