What can I do with restrictions I face?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the restrictions you feel in life? Perhaps they are financial restrictions, or physical restrictions or even emotional restrictions from situations you just can’t seem to get free from.

Lately I have been thinking about the restrictions I feel in  times of extended physical pain. I dread these times and spend allot of energy trying to avoid them, but they seem to come anyway! I don’t believe God initiates physical pain, but I know that He can bring good out of it as we come to Him. So this week I presented my case to Him. “How can I get to know You better when I am distracted by physical pain?” His answer wasn’t immediate, but this is what I think He showed me.

The day after I asked God my question I was talking with some young moms.  They shared that they have a hard time to find time alone with God with being always occupied with little ones and then too exhausted when they do get a break. All of a sudden a thought popped into my mind. This is where creativity is really needed to deal with the restrictions. Perhaps the fact that both of these ladies are extremely creative people helped me see this idea. The fact that they can’t connect with God as they used before they had children is like having a blank canvas, they need to draw something new.

So I tried this theory of asking for God’s creativity the next day. I was talking with my friend who is recovering from chemotherapy for cancer and sharing our frustrations of the loss of many of the freedoms we used to take for granted. We both feel restricted and we want to find ways to serve. We know we were made to serve and we enjoy the peace and joy that comes when she is giving. So we called out to God for creativity. As prayed together, this thought came to us, why not phone some of the young moms in the church that need encouragement. You see before we had just thought the only way to help these young moms is to babysit and give them a break. But perhaps God is wanting His encouragement to come to them another way.

So not only did the Father bring us ideas on how to be creative with what we have, but He also is meeting a need in His family. Now doesn’t that just sound like our creative God that spoke light out of darkness? her it is a physical, job related, financial or any other type of restriction, call out to God for creativity. Set out your situation that you need creativity for. God loves to give. James 1:5

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