Let me feel Your heart at this moment Father

I try to stop and ask God, “Show me what You are doing that I may join you.”  I am trying to have my activity be guided by God.  I learned this practice from a course I took by Henry Blackaby called “Experiencing God”.  I also figured that since Jesus lived His life that way (John 5:19) then it would be a good way for me as well.

Earlier this week I had another thought when I stopped and asked God what He was doing around me for me to join.  I asked what His heart was beating for.  I realized Jesus always had His heart to interpret what God was doing.  As soon as I asked that question, I was filled with a yearning love for women to feel connected and loved.  The passage from Psalm 68, that God the Father takes the lonely and puts them in families.

So that is my passion this season, to see each woman in my church linked up with someone to travel this journey with.  That each woman will know the love of God through a sister in Christ.  There may be times that loneliness is needed to drive them closer to God and that God will make clear.  But for the presence, that is the heart beat I feel.  We have the God of all comfort living inside each of us who are called His children.  Share that comfort with one another sisters.

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