What a mouse taught me

It is amazing how mice visiting my kitchen can have such an effect on my level of peace.  I was feeling embarrassed that in this area and others I am not more mature and calm.

During my prayer time I was reminded that emotions are fickle and we can choose what to focus on but not always how we feel.

I was encouraged by a podcast I listened to from the Village Church. http://fm.thevillagechurch.net/sermons Matt Chandler pointed out that maturity is really a matter of running to God and not away from God.  He taught from a series on Colossians and emphasized how behavior arises from our new position in Christ.  There is a tension between God’s part and our part.  He says “No one accidentally stumbles into godliness.  If maturing into all that Christ has for me is an act of God’s grace for me in Christ, what are my responsibilities in regards to progressive sanctification?”  He goes on to describe “grace driven effort”.  This is effort that flows from the joys and wonders of worship that flows from beholding the amazing gospel of God’s grace.  This comes out of a new heart.

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